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Prayer – Wed 7th July

Prophetic Picture

An estate in Scotland in partnership with the National Trust is embarking on a project to Re-wild the landscape. This caught my attention along with the timescale of 10-100 years. What is this going to look like? I read up more on Re-wilding and felt God speaking through what I was discovering.  It is much more expansive, long lasting and creative than scattering a handful of wild flower seeds and letting the grass grow as I’d previously thought:-

Water flows back through natural channels, finding its own way and creating Wetlands. No man-made reshaping of rivers.

Growth is allowed to happen without tidying. Seeds take root where they fall.

The soil is replenished.

Man-made boundaries and fences are removed.

Fruitfulness and life return.

Meditation and Prayer

Isaiah 44 v 3

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground. I will pour out my Spirit on your off-spring and blessing on your descendants””

The picture is, in essence, about a course change for fruitfulness.

Read the “Re-wilding” definition again with a spiritual perspective (rather than as gardening advice!). 

Take note of anything that speaks to you. You may need to track with this over a period of time.

Ask the questions: 

Am I walking on parched earth?  Do I need refreshment and replenishment? 

Trekking through Spirit drenched Wetlands is not as easy as over manicured lawns. Am I equipped for all that is ahead?

Am I stuck in a rut of my own making or free flowing in channels of the Spirit? 

Ask God if he wants anything to change.


We can put up disqualifying fences such as age, health, education or experience to limit us. Religious traditions, ingrained habits, easy repetition of how we spend time and avoiding situations may also be fences that don’t need to be there.  This is without the difficult but obvious issues of unforgiveness and sin.

Ask God now to show you anything that looks like a barrier or boundary in your life.  

Do you trust God to remove it?

New Growth

Seedlings blown by the wind and start growing don’t always land in neat, convenient places. What new gifts, opportunities have unexpectedly come your way? 

Have you acknowledged and thanked God for them? Ask Him to help you to nurture them.

Re-wilding is bold, it re-shapes and challenges patterns and existing structures.  There is a freedom of growth and expansion.  It looks different, it takes time and the ultimate purpose is to attract an abundance of life.

This felt like a picture of the Church in the coming years. 


That we share in the shaping of the Kingdom Landscape.

For our Leaders and for all the emerging Leaders who will receive legacy and carry the future.

Ecclesiastes 3 v 1-8

“There is a time for everything……a time to plant and a time to uproot…a time to scatter stones and to gather them…”