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Prayer – Wed 5th May

The Celtic Church prioritised these three spaces of engagement and and it’s a phrase used to describe monastic Christian practice which began in the 3rd century.* 

CAVE – Place of Retreat

Celtic Christians would withdraw from the distractions of everyday life to seek God. Yes, some to actual caves.   (St Cuthbert’s Island on Lindisfarne).

We’ve all had our Cave experience! (Excepting key workers, thank-you).

Now that the full easing of Lockdown nears, what’s ahead?


Meditate on  Psalm 46 v 10 “Be still and know that I am God”

It has perhaps taken the once-in-a-life-time event of a pandemic to halt our usual life patterns. Enforced stillness wasn’t easy. Actual isolation has offered opportunity to re-calibrate, re-order our priorities.  And yet – we have discovered stillness in our spirit is not totally dependant on the world stopping or ourselves being trouble free.  We need to intentionally seek it, by seeking God.

Try and identify which new “life rhythms” to hold on to – time for regular prayer, regular bible reading? 

Making space to hear God’s whisperings and notice the detail in our daily lives? Connecting with others more regularly?

How will it look when we we get drawn back into a more hectic routine?

Ask for God’s wisdom and advice.  

We’re all different and individual so our choices will vary. 

Take time here to sketch out a plan with God that you can attempt to follow.

Are we anxious in any way about “getting back out there”?  Talk with God if fears come to mind and offer them to Him.  Philippians 4 v 6-8

TABLE – Place of Hospitality 

Even the introverts among us wouldn’t say no to a face-to-face meet-up! The meal table has long been a place of sharing not only food, but also our lives, certainly in the Christian tradition. Park benches and gardens have had to replace more traditional spaces for this. 

How we’re longing to meet back with family and friends. Parties ahoy!  Though beyond family circles might hospitality be the secret weapon of the Church,  post-lockdown, offering a shell-shocked society, healing and connection? It’s always been in the DNA of the people of God –  to meet with the friendless, the stranger, the marginalised. Jesus seemed to do this so intentionally and regularly.

Reflection/ Prayer

Pray for a fresh view of how to offer hospitality to others. Less dinner party more fire pit?  Don’t dismiss the simple restorative power of even having a coffee together.

Ask God what this looks like for you and who it involves.  New ideas or joining existing ministries? 

ROAD – Place of Advance

Exodus 23 v 20 – “See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way..”

Ask God to help us to transition from our isolation to engagement.

What’s on the horizon?

New adventures ahead?

Let’s carry the lessons of the Cave, to the Table and the Road. 

*(Ref: Scott Brennan April 21)