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Prayer – Wed 30th June

Not just an Accessory

“…nor will I offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” (1 Chronicle Ch 21 v 24)

Sacrifice is a word that seems to belong to an ancient vocabulary of a generation gone by. Cost is something that makes this generation recoil and turn away. This consumerist mentality were surrounded by encourages us to build an empire for SELF.

If we are honest, the truth of the matter is that, more often than not, our version of what David says goes a little something like this:

“…nor will I offer burnt offerings that cost me too much they must be affordable and at no detriment to self.”   (1 Hannah Ch me v me

To be able to embrace cost, we must first understand the most costly sacrifice of all time.

A God who had everything, who came down and gave up everything, to give us everything – Jesus Christ on the Cross.

If we truly understand what happened on the cross, then all other “costs” to self will pale into insignificance.

At the centre of our calling, according to scriptures, is the cross.

At some point you will come to a cross roads and you will be asked to lay your “Isaac” on the altar. The cross isn’t an accessory it’s our entirety .

The enemy loves to twist truths. He makes avoiding cost look like self preservation and protection, but, in reality, it’s the man who loves his life will lose it – while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

How much do we want God kingdom and Glory over our “empire?” It involves pain by definition, but it also involves the birthing and fruition of promises and life like no other.

A sacrifice on the altar is always met with fire from heaven.

Death of self is a most beautiful life.

Lord give me a revelation of the cross and let my deep gratitude be my guidance, when you ask of me my Isaac.


Listen to this song and from there do the below reflection

  • Very simply today ask the Holy Spirit which part of this devotional He wants to highlight to you?
  • Write down what it is.
  • Converse with Him over it and see where it takes you. He may ask you questions, challenge you, call situations and scriptures to mind. Stay with Him and journal down what He has said.