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Prayer – Wed 26th May

Let’s begin today’s devotion with a heart of thanksgiving.

Seeing into the unseen

The following Scripture verse caught my attention throughout a whole summer a few years ago and has come to mind again as I reflected on what to bring today.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal”. 2 Corinthians ch 4v18

I’d like to unpack an aspect of this verse that has been helpful to me.

Prophetic and prayer

First of all, I’m going to ask you to look out of your window (perhaps choose a window that has a bit of a view), then come back to the screen.

What did you see?

Now I’m going to ask you to do so again; but look a little harder.

What did you notice this time that you didn’t see before?

Now do it once more; but this time give even more attention to the scene before you.

Are there any surprises on your vista? A plant you hadn’t noticed before, a building on the horizon, the shape of a cloud in the sky?

Sometimes we can be consumed or strongly influenced by what is immediately in front of us. Maybe these are good and edifying things but when, for example, it’s the depressing content of the news or a family situation or a job that we’re not enjoying very much it can pull us down.

Today, I think that God is asking us to “look again” at those latter issues; but this time with the above Scripture in mind.

Perhaps we could bring to our attention three situations that affect us in some way: one global or national, one local and one personal.

Let’s take a natural look at each one, acknowledging in prayer the way it makes us feel. See how the songwriter of Psalm 73 v2-9 articulates his own grievances.

Now let’s look again, asking God this question “What are You doing that is beyond my immediate sight and understanding?” The following Scriptures may be helpful:

2 Kings ch 6 v15-17 (Elisha and his attendant. A disastrous scenario takes on an entirely different context)

Ephesians ch 6 v12 (Sometimes there are demonic forces at work)

Genesis ch 37 v36 (The ‘meanwhile’ of God. You may want to refer back to Martin’s sermon on April 17th. God’s timescale and ours can be at variance)

Now shall we look once more…. 

Eternal God has an eternal plan, and some of life’s most difficult journeys may not have the immediate outcomes that we would want or envisage; but when we look into the “unseen” with the eyes of the men and women of Hebrews ch 11, and the psalmist (Psalm 73 v17ff) and the stunning imagery of Revelation ch7 v9ff our perspective changes.

I just want to add one more thing from my own walk with God over this past year. Is it possible that we are beginning to “see” small signs on the horizon of a move of God that is beyond anything we have experienced to date?