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Prayer – Wed 21st June

Coping with Anxiety in the middle of a pandemic.

I tend to be anxious especially when set tasks that I’m unable to do.  To be honest, I don’t always handle anxiety well and have had many sleepless nights recently!  This has led me to search the word of God for help.  If like me you get anxious, I hope that you find this reflection helpful. God is always in control even when we aren’t.  

Listen to the words of the following worship song and, if you can, sing them out allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

Now listen to the following video entitled: ‘You can be anxious for nothing.’

In Philippians 4:6-7, Paul calls the church to be anxious about nothing. He then offers three ways to deal with anxiety:

  1. A call to prayer.  We are told to cast all our anxieties upon God because He cares for us.  (1 Pet 5:7). God really cares about you because He loves you.  We are told to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:16).  So often we can feed our anxieties rather than bring them to God.  Do not heed the voice of the enemy who says that there must be something wrong with you because you are anxious.  Jesus gave the example of the persistent widow who refused to give up petitioning a judge.  Jesus Himself, being fully human, had to fight anxiety in the garden of Gethsemane.  He was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.  (Mk. 14:34).  Yet He surrendered all to His Father’s will.
  2. A call to spiritual warfare.  We need to bring our requests to God.  Involve the all-powerful all-knowing God of the universe, who is above our circumstances.  He may not take our problems away, but He will help us through them.  
  3. A promise of protection.  In Psalm 91, we are reminded that God is our comforter and protector.  He will not allow fatal pandemics or plagues to destroy us!  He will calm our panic and bring peace.  He will guard our hearts and minds.  (Phil. 4:7)

When the spies commissioned by God to explore the promised land returned only two of the twelve (Joshua and Caleb) believed that they could enter the promised land.  Although the other ten recognised that the land was fruitful, their fear of the powerful people who lived there, and their fortified cities struck them with terror which they then imparted to the Israelites.  (Num. 13: 26-33).  Sadly, the faithless Israelites never made it into the promised land and, of the twelve, only Joshua and Caleb survived.  (Num. 14: 26-35 & Num. 14:38)

Prophetic focus: 

How will you respond to the ‘giants’ that you are facing in your life?  Are you prepared to cast all your worries on God and to put your trust in Him?  Ae you going to be still and allow His Holy Spirit to silence your anxious thoughts?

Prayer Points: 

If you are anxious pray now to your heavenly Father and allow Him to speak to you.  Act upon what He says.  He always has your best interests in mind.

If you know someone who is anxious, pray that they would discover the peace of God who guards their heart and mind.