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Prayer – Wed 19th May

In the midst of the burning bush – dismantling walls and building bridges.


Theme today: There truly is power in His name to break every chain- to dismantle walls and to build bridges.

Here is an image of the Berlin wall constructed in 1961 to prevent the exodus from the Eastern communist part of Germany to the more prosperous West in the wake of the cold war.  It was finally dismantled toward the end of 1989.

Below is another image of one of the most famous bridges in the world- the Golden Gate bridge constructed to link San Francisco in the US to other communities around the bay.

Today I would like you to imagine how Moses felt on the day he encountered God in the burning bush- fear, insecurity, anxiety and brokenness.  

Many of these emotions were deep-rooted and cast a long shadow into his past life- Moses was of Israeli origin, almost murdered at birth, highly educated in the court of Pharaoh but living apart from the suffering of his fellow Israelites and his murder of an Egyptian slave-master, led to him living in exile in the land of Midian for forty years.  Now from the burning bush, God was calling Moses to personally dismantle the walls in his life (mindsets, prejudices and self-doubt) and to build bridges (to set free his fellow Israelites and to bring them into the promised land that God had prepared for them). 

Moses had to put his trust in God and allow Him to dismantle all his self-doubts.  He had to humble himself before God and believe that he had been uniquely chosen to lead his fellow Israelites to freedom.  There were real walls in Moses’ thinking that had to be broken before the bridge of hope and a future destiny could be constructed for the enslaved Israelites.  It was never going to be easy for Moses and there were, no doubt, many times along the journey to the promised land when Moses felt like giving up.  However, Moses knew in his heart that God was in control and that he was never going to lead his fellow Israelites out of slavery in his own strength.  God was sending him.   

Prophetic focus:  

Habitual behaviour can bring comfort to our lives but in itself it can never satisfy especially when God wants us to change.  Jesus called Peter to the role of an evangelist (a ‘fisher of men’ Matthew 4:19).  Nevertheless, following the crucifixion, Peter felt real fear and insecurity.  He looked for comfort in his previous occupation as a fisherman, but this was not what Jesus planned for him.  Jesus had to dismantle the walls of Peter’s mindset and equip him (and the other disciples) with the Holy Spirit before beginning to ‘build the bridges of salvation’ with Jews and Gentiles which occurs in the Acts of the apostles.

Prayer points:

  • What walls exist in your own life and amongst your family, friends and work colleagues that need to be dismantled?  Pray into these situations.
  • What bridges is God calling you to build in your community?  Pray for the grace and strength to build God’s kingdom.