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Prayer – Wed 14th July


The emphasis that I would like us to focus on today is “Christ within me”.

This worship song “You are All in All” was sung by Matthew Ward from a 70s band called 2nd Chapter of Acts. Although musically a little dated, his passionate response to Christ within him still sends goose bumps through me! Perhaps you may want to engage by shutting your eyes as he sings.


“And this is how we experience His deep and abiding presence in us: by the Spirit He gave us” 1 John ch 3 v24b (The Message)

This entry is going to require your imagination.

These are the thoughts that have been going around in my mind for a few weeks. “If Christ lives in me by His Spirit, then what actually lies in the deepest parts of who I am?”

 It’s very easy to live within the immediate and superficial. Demands on our time and energy, the emotions we feel, and the subtle or more obvious influences of society can easily dictate lifestyle. However, as Spirit-filled Christians who regularly feed on the Scriptures surely there is a richness in our innermost beings that provokes and stimulates us to live differently?

I sensed the Holy Spirit encourage me to picture myself as a well, and to drop the bucket into the waters; then to see what that “deep and abiding presence” filled it with.

In response I did this a number of times over a series of days. The results were quite unexpected.

The first time I was surprised by drawing up ‘joy’. It was a timely reminder that regardless of mood, percolating away in the depths of who I am is this precious fruit of the Spirit (Galatians ch5 v22).

This was followed by two reminders of prophetic words that I’d forgotten about; then a gift of the Holy Spirit that I wouldn’t normally exercise followed by a picture confirming it. Everything I “saw” lined up with Scripture and left me feeling rich and very uplifted.

My encouragement is for you to do the same. I have been praying for you, so am anticipating that God will speak to you. Don’t worry if you’re not a ‘visual’ sort of person, God may use words or songs or sounds or a memory. He is endlessly creative!


Out of the above, I would like to suggest that we pray in the following way:

Perhaps you might like to begin by praying for someone close to you. Pray that they would start to become open to “Christ in you.”

Let’s extend our prayers to our government (1 Timothy ch2 v1-2). Maybe we could pray especially for those who love Christ and are in a position of influence at this level.

Now let’s intercede into the wider world. Perhaps you know of Christians who live/work abroad in secular societies, or religiously/politically oppressive environments. Let’s pray that their own inner lives in Christ would sustain them and draw others to our Saviour.