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Prayer – Wed 14th April

Just ask 

God calls us to not be anxious about anything but to pray about everything. 

Recently God has been encouraging me to pray specifically and in detail about a number of people and situations that He has laid on my heart. 

I feel we are entering a season where specific requests will receive specific answers from God. This is a season in which expectation, faith and testimonies will grow exponentially, as we find ourselves almost laughing in wonder at the answers we receive and how the detail of our prayers matches up to our requests! 

When God responds to our specific prayer in specific ways, our faith in Him grows and so too does our relationship with Him.  

An exert from Max Lucardo’s book ‘Anxious for nothing’ says this:
“The Bible tells us to pray about everything.  We tell God exactly what we want.  We pray the particulars. When the wedding ran low on wine, Mary wasn’t content to say, “Help us, Jesus.”  She was specific:  ‘They have no more wine’ (John 2:3).  A specific prayer is a serious prayer.  If I say to you, ‘Do you mind if I come by your house sometime?’ you may not take me seriously. But if I say, ‘Can I come over this Friday night? I really need your advice.’  Then you know my petition is sincere.”

There is something about a specific request that shows boldness and expectancy for an answer. Jesus loves for us to take time and commune with Him, to tell Him our heart’s desires. He loves to converse with us and even though He knows what we need before we even ask, He allows us to acknowledge our need of Him and to co labour in bringing about answers to prayers. Prayer is not formulaic it is relational and the more we converse the more we get to know Him and His heart for us.

As a side note – These requests are not just a shopping list they are born out of hearing on earth as it is in heaven, they are things the Holy Spirit highlights and lays on your heart . They are requests that line up with scriptures.

In Mark 10, Jesus asks Bartimaeus “What do you want me to do for you?”  Knowing exactly what he would ask, God still wanted him to be specific and bold. This would lead him to a place of wonder, that the God of the universe would love him enough to meet His request and to be able to partake in this miracle. 

Listen to this song:

Allow the Holy Spirit to stir your spirit and bring situations to mind where you need a move from God. Write down specific requests to God and leave space for your testimony right underneath. May you be in awe and wonder as you see His response.