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Prayer – Wed 12th May

When God saved Noah and his family from the flood, he said:

Gen 9:13 NIV  I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Our God – and ONLY our God – has established an everlasting covenant between himself and those who have faith in him.  

The New Covenant in Christ speaks to us of many aspects of God’s dealings with us, including

Relationship with our FatherResponsibility and rewardPurpose and planPromise and potential

But most important of all, we can be completely confident that God will keep his covenant with us – he will never go back on his word to us.  And that’s what I believe he wants us to focus on today – his dependability and determination to deliver on his promises.

Prophetic Focus

I believe that God showed me a wall of pictures like this one:

Each of these images represent a memory or an event that has significance for us – both individually and as a church.  Some of these pictures remind us of God’s goodness to us in the past, and when we look back, we can see how he has fulfilled many of his promises to us.  For this we should be thankful.

Some of the pictures show where we are right now, and represent how God is working in our lives at the moment.  Some are sad; some are happy; but all of them are precious records of God’s covenant care and love.  Praise him!

However …

… I felt God say that some of the pictures we have put on the walls of our lives, remind us of promises that God has given to us that have not yet come to pass.

In particular, I felt God say that we are to take these down and pray over them.  I felt him say that this is the time to prepare for what he has in store for us.  Make the changes that will make it easy for him to provision the promise.

Meditation and Prayer Focus 

Ask God to show you what you should be doing right now to make yourself ready for him to fulfil what he has promised.  Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is there anything that I’m doing or involved in that needs to stop so he can start?

Lord, give me your grace.

  • Do I need to get some training to equip me for what he’s promised?

Lord, please open the door and help me walk through.

  • Am I expectant and excited?  If not, why not?  

Lord transform the way I think.

  • Do I believe that he wants to use me, and that he can use me?

Lord, help my unbelief.

  • Is there some act of faith that I need to perform?

What must I do, Lord?  How do I set out in faith?

Worship and Praise

Prepare me for what you’ve prepared for me.