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Newsline – Friday 28th May

Welcome to this week’s Newsline. Here’s what’s included:


Sunday Social – Important info!


All around us are signs that there are finally brighter days ahead!

Over the past year we have had to innovative in how we continue with our lives in the midst of a pandemic. We have utilised Zoom in every possible way so that we can stay connected – and one of these ways has been in our Sunday Social.

We are actually quite glad that numbers have dwindled over the past few weeks as more and more of us have been able to get back to The Oakwood Centre and have even been able to connect in small groups in the car park afterwards.

We have now got to the point where we feel the Sunday Social Zoom after our Sunday Service has served its purpose and it is time to say goodbye to it. This Sunday will therefore be our last Zoom Sunday Social.

We want to take a this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the Sunday Social team for taking time out to help us connect over the past year.

This Sunday

Join us this Sunday as we approach our next ‘Junction on the Journey’- “Human reasoning or God’s leading”; when we will take a look at Exodus chapter 13.

We would love for you to join us this week! Find your ticket here.

For tickets for any subsequent weeks, check out the ‘events’ part of your MyChurchSuite app.

We are, of course, continuing to stream all of our live services on Facebook and Youtube for those of you who are worshipping at home this week and you can find this week’s children’s resources here.

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We are so excited to bring you the first two baptisms from our recent baptism service, this Sunday.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you Gary and Sammy as you share your stories and your amazing baptism with the world!

If you have never been baptised, take a look at our baptism page here to find out more.

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Creative Crew

Do you love to craft?

Fancy a meet up with other like-minded creative people?

We would love you to join our creative crew. We will be meeting online once again on Monday 7th June from 7.30. Whether you are a knitter, scrapbooker, card maker, crochet boff, quilter or something completely different – all are welcome to creative crew.  

Click here to sign up to receive your zoom code and then, on the night, please have at least one of your projects to hand for our creative ‘show and tell’.  If you are not working on anything at the moment, bring something that you have made in the past, or even feel free to join us purely for the inspiration and the joy of being together.

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Into the Prophetic…

Would you like to understand what the Bible says about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially prophecy?

Not sure if you hear from God or would like to prophesy for the first time?

Would you like to live a more supernaturally-charged Christian life, expecting God to speak through you, directly into lives and situations?

Join us for a morning of training and discovery, over Zoom on Saturday 19th June with Warren and Claire Harrison and team.

Claire says: “Hearing from God is meant to be a normal activity for God’s people, so that we can strengthen and encourage each other. This training session will give you a solid Biblical foundation for moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and enable you to recognise God’s voice, using teaching, ministry and practical exercises in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.”

Beginners and those who need a refresher are all welcome!

To book a place, please register here and we will be in touch with the zoom code.

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TVC Church Summer Festival!

A number of you have already booked your free ticket to our TVC Church Summer festival and so you should…it is going to be awesome!

We know that some of you just love to get involved (and yes it really is the best way to get to see everyone…but don’t tell them!) and so we want to ask if you would be happy to volunteer for an hour or two to steward in the car park or at one of the bouncy castles (don’t worry, parents will be staying with the little ones!). We are also looking for face painters to join the team! Please get in touch if you are able to lend an hour to make this wonderful day happen!

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Making Jesus Known in our Community

Ever feel like you want to advance the kingdom but don’t really know where to start?

Why not give a few hours a week to helping out at our Coffee Shop? No prior experience is necessary and we are looking for volunteers who love to be around customers as well as those who would happily be in the background. This new venture for us will be so much more than just another place to get a coffee, it is real faith venture and a great place for us to show who we are as Church family and to share Jesus with those that he brings to our door.

For more information, get in touch with Bekah, our Coffee Shop manager.

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Christians Against Poverty Update

Christians Against Poverty is national organisation that provides practical help and support to those who are struggling with debt. They work with everybody, regardless of faith, but of course share the Good News of Jesus with those they meet.

Last week, I caught up with Julie Parker, our CAP centre manager to find out how things have been going with the work of CAP recently.

Julie and team have continued to work with clients throughout restrictions, though while restrictions are high, contact has not been face to face. We have 32 families that are currently being supported through the TVC Church CAP centre and 8 more families that are wanting to begin facing up to their debt.

As you would expect, there has been an increase in the amount of families needing support from CAP over the past year, but what Julie has noticed the most is that those already in debt have found themselves in a more hopeless state. With children at home during lockdown, food bills have been much higher, as well as heating and electric bills and there has often been the added pressure of loss of earnings. Julie and the team have been there to support with food parcels and electric cards as well as supporting clients with the added stress and anxiety.

Julie would love you to be praying for peace and safety as she begins face to face contact again. She would also love you to consider whether you could join the team as a CAP befriender. This is a vital team role which ensures that each client has the support that they need, as well as somebody to share the love of Jesus with them.

Naturally, Julie is partnering with our other outreach ministries and will soon be at The Shack each Tuesday to support those accessing the Community Grocery and she will be around The Oakwood Centre to support our Three13 learners too.

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School of Applied Theology

School of Applied Thelogy is back this September!

For all you Students who are part way though your studies – you do need to register again for September, especially if you are already fully paid up!

If you have never tried SAT before, do really think about it. There are 5 study days each year, which is a small but incredibly strong investment into knowing and understanding the Bible.

Pete says: “I have never seen myself as being particularly academic or interested in Theology but I really saw a need to look deeper into the Bible teachings. School of Theology was brilliant – I now read the Bible in a completely different way and I feel like I understand it on a different level”.

Booking opens on Tuesday 1st June.

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Let’s get this music out there!

A few weeks ago, loads of us popped on to the Christian Music Chart website and voted for Taking Ground Music which meant that these amazing songs got out there for people to hear.

If you have been blessed by Matt’s song ‘Calling Me Back’ then why not vote for it this week and let’s get this inspired music out for people to hear.

Do you have an echo dot at home? Simply ask “Alexa, play Taking Ground music on Spotify” to fill your house with these beautiful songs that are all written with the heart of Taking Ground flowing through them.

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It has been so good to meet together, to pursue discipleship, over our past two Practical Discipleship training sessions.

Our next one is now on the horizon, so pop Thursday 8th July in your diary!

Click here to sign up for further info.

Giving to TVC Church

Continuing to be generous with your money means that we can continue to be generous in all sorts of practical ways.

You can give your tithes and offerings by bank transfer, online or by text message.

Click here to give to TVC Church.

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Pastoral Care and Support

If you are unwell, have symptoms of Coronavirus or need contact, support, or prayer, then please let us know. Complete the online form and our pastoral team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.

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