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Newsline – Friday 21st May

Welcome to this week’s Newsline. Here’s what’s included:


TVC Church Summer Festival!

TVC Church Family, we are so excited to finally be planning an event that we can all be at together!

On Saturday 26th June, please join us for our Summer Festival at The Oakwood Centre!

This is going to be a fun packed afternoon for the whole of our TVC Church family, from the youngest to the oldest; we can just hang out, be together and have a great day!

We are planning loads of attractions for the young (and not so young) such as inflatables, garden games and face painting. We will have live music and live worship…with singing allowed! You will also be able to book in for an afternoon tea in our new coffee shop. This event is free and we would love for you all to come along and join in the fun. There will be food vans too and cake available to buy so you might want to bring a bit of cash.

So let’s get praying for sunshine! Please book in here to let us know how many people to plan for (this will also serve as our test and trace record where needed).

This Sunday

Join us this Sunday as we approach our next ‘Junction on the Journey’- “Experiencing judgement or receiving salvation?”; when we will take a look at Exodus chapters 11 &12.

We would love for you to join us this week! Find your ticket here.

For tickets for any subsequent weeks, check out the ‘events’ part of your MyChurchSuite app.

We are, of course, continuing to stream all of our live services on Facebook and Youtube for those of you who are worshipping at home this week and you can find this week’s children’s resources here.

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Worship at Home

How amazing is it to have such vibrant, passionate worship on a Sunday morning!?

Well if, like me, you are left thinking ‘I’d love to hear more’ or ‘what were the words to that song again?’ You can head over to the music streaming app ‘Spotify’ and search for ‘TVC Church Worship Playlist’ to find all the songs that we enjoy on a Sunday morning.

Matt Horner, who heads up our worship team, also updates it regularly with the songs that the worship team are beginning to prepare, so that you can get familiar with them before they appear on a Sunday morning. How good is that!?

Let’s Pray for our Kids

There are just a few spaces left for the Men’s prayer around the fire pit event tonight. If you are intending to come – we really need you to sign up while we are still legally restricted to 30.

Do remember to bring a garden chair with you – and maybe even a flask of coffee if you intend staying round for a chat afterwards.

Get signed up here!

If it continues to rain (yes it has rained a crazy amount this week) then we will rearrange the program a bit and head indoors – we have taken some advice on indoor restrictions so we are well prepared.

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Practical Discipleship

Have you signed up for Sunday’s practical discipleship course yet?

In this second Practical Discipleship session we’ll continue to look at how we can grow in our faith. How can we develop faith friendships? What can we do to help one another grow?  

Matt Biddlecombe will sharing some of the principles of discipleship and others will share encouraging stories of how they have grown through the input and care of others.

Our Practical Discipleship workshops are key dates in our Church diary when we can take some time out to practically move forward in how we disciple others and in how we are discipled, so that we can all continually move forward in faith.

Click here to sign up for the next online Practical Discipleship Workshop and you will be sent the zoom code to join us, this Sunday, 23rd May from 7.30pm-9pm.

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Illuminate Update

Illuminate sq

We have loved being back together with the Illuminate children over the past few weeks, as we explore what it means to hear from God.

Look out for Micah’s encouragement of what God has been speaking to him about in this week’s service!

It has been very frustrating to be so limited in our Illuminate places over the past few weeks. A change in restrictions this week means that we can increase our numbers ever so slightly this week – and there are currently 2 Spark places left so book in now!

We hope that in the next few weeks we will have use of a second Spark room (that has been unusable so far for various reasons) so hold on in there Spark kids – we will be able to welcome more of you back very soon.

Illuminate is an exciting place to be every Sunday morning. As adults, we find that we are always encouraged and our faith grows as we journey alongside the children in their faith. As we celebrate that more families are being added to TVC Church, we are always looking to expand our children’s work team. We would love to hear from you if you would like to be part of this exciting journey with our TVC Church kids. Contact Anna for more details.

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After last week’s Newsline message about dedication, we had loads of parents sign up who are excited to dedicate their lovely children to God.

If you meant to do it but got side-tracked, there is still time! Head over to the sign up page and pop your name down!

For more information, and to express interest in having your child dedicated, click here.

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Community Grocery Update

This week I caught up with Andy Malbon and Paul Connor, to ask how things were coming along at our Ragworth Community Grocery and I was overwhelmed by all the amazing stories of lives touched on a daily basis over in Ragworth. Here is a little flavour:

J and his family walked from the far side of Hardwick to sign up.  This family of 6 has been  really struggling and were so grateful for help. Neither parent is currently working and 2 out of 4 of their children have significant illnesses requiring a lot of attention. “This is such a relief” they said.

A gentleman came to the grocers as part of his 80th birthday celebration. He and his friend were so excited to be with us. We gave him a card from the team and he was very blessed by it. Andy also had a good catch up with him about the loss of his wife.

We had a new member who came to us through North Star. She was really nervous to come in and brought her daughter for moral support. When she left she was full of joy and relief that she was accessing this support  and “met with such love”. Her daughter even signed up too!

We were praying as a team for the grocers and afterwards one of our  volunteers commented that she had “never felt anything like that before”. One of our themes was about provision, particularly for our fridge and freezer. Before we knew it we had an abundance of bread.  We called a nearby ministry to see if they could use it and it was just what they needed! So we headed over to them to share our blessing. We gave them two trays of bread and as we did one of their team ran out and asked us if we could take any fridge food because they had too much. In return for our 2 trays of bread they gave us a van full of fridge food. We got every item in the fridge and freezer with no space spare. What amazing and full provision in God’s creative ways! Even more, our volunteer experienced this answer to prayer and the experience clearly impressed on her heart. 

The grocery now has 528 members! On average, they are helping 55-60 families a day with physical provision, though of course there is no way to count the spiritual impact that it is also having in the lives of each person that they are in contact with!

The team at the Grocery are now setting in motion the plans to begin various courses including the wellbeing course and a journeys course as soon as restrictions allow.

Please pray for our Community Grocery team. They are seeing real breakthrough but they also come face to face with heartbreaking need on a daily basis. They rely on your prayers to cover them and give them the emotional strength for each day.

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Community Groups at TVC Church

After our community group feature during the service last week, it has been great to see some pictures of different community groups holding their first face to face meetings of the year! One community group decided to all book in to the same Sunday service and were treated to surprise drinks and treats in the car park afterwards by one of its members!

Church is not just about an hour on a Sunday, it is about having real friendships and living life together as Jesus followers.

If would like to be part of a Community Group then get in touch and we will help you to find the perfect group for you!

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It has been so good to meet together, to pursue discipleship, over our past two Practical Discipleship training sessions.

Our next one is now on the horizon, so pop Thursday 8th July in your diary!

Click here to sign up for further info.

Giving to TVC Church

Continuing to be generous with your money means that we can continue to be generous in all sorts of practical ways.

You can give your tithes and offerings by bank transfer, online or by text message.

Click here to give to TVC Church.

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Pastoral Care and Support

If you are unwell, have symptoms of Coronavirus or need contact, support, or prayer, then please let us know. Complete the online form and our pastoral team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.

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