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Newsline – Friday 18th June

Welcome to this week’s Newsline. Here’s what’s included:


This Sunday

Join us this Sunday as we approach our next ‘Junction on the Journey’- “Seeing the worst or believing the best?”; when we will take a look at Exodus chapter 16 & 17, with Matt Horner.

There are some tickets still available so who not book to come along? You can find this week’s tickets here.

We are, of course, continuing to stream all of our live services on Facebook and Youtube for those of you who need to worship at home this week.

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Summer Festival – Update

After last Monday’s Government announcement, it will come as no surprise to you that we have had to postpone our awesome Summer Festival – I know, I know, we are gutted too!

However, we have merely shifted it over a bit on our calendar and we are excited to announce that it will happen on Saturday 4th September 2021!

If you have already booked in then don’t worry, your booking has automatically carried across (if you need to alter it, you can do so on MyChurchSuite). If you have not booked in yet, come on, get on it!

This will be us all together again, having fun, in the sun (hopefully) as one big church family. Come and join us!

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Into the Prophetic…

There is still time to join up to tomorrow’s online training in the prophetic!

This is a great opportunity to get some amazing training from our gifted team. Everyone is welcome, so whether you have no experience of hearing from God or you’d just love a refresher – sign up!

The training will be happening over zoom so we are not limited by restrictions and it remains very accessible.

To book a place, please register here to recieve the zoom code.

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Our next Belong group begins next Wednesday – 23rd June at 7.30. We would love you to come and join us!

However you have been connecting in to TVC Church, we would love to get to know you and to help you discover more about what we believe at TVC Church, what it means to Belong and where we believe God is taking us as a Church family.

We already have 9 people signed up for this course – but we can squeeze a few more on to our zoom screen – some come on, to sign up, click here.

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Hearing God Together

For the past 6 months, our prophetic team have been setting time aside every Friday night to pray with us and to hear God for us individually.

We have been so blessed to hear the stories of how God has been moving people forward in faith and through some very challenging circumstances. We will of course be sharing these stories with you in due course – but for now, we need to let you know that there will be a little break in this awesome ministry over the next 2 months, while our Hearing God Together team take some time out.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy weeks to minister to us in their way.

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The Message Mission Week: Praise Report

What a fantastic week we had with the team from The Message last week.

Here are a few highlights:

We had a fabulous day on Shaftsbury Street in Stockton, blessing the community there. Our favourite bit was that 2 of our team were from families that we blessed back in October on our ‘Love Where You Live’ week – they wanted to join us in blessing their community! Please Steve Sewell and team in your prayers as they continue to reach out both practically and spiritually to the local community.

Our young people, who meet down at The Shack on a Friday night, enjoyed a pizza and karaoke party with the team from the Message and really took to these strangers, who had come to share God’s love with them.

On Sunday, we held our first TOAST (Time On A Sunday Together) at The Shack, in 15 months and it was fantastic! Two of our Community Grocery members came along as guests. One was moved to tears by the Holy Spirit and the other gave his life to Jesus!!!

We were also able to offer children’s work at our TOAST Sunday service. The volunteers were able to share the Gospel with these little ones and were overwhelmed by the children’s response. These children, who previously haven’t had any Church background, totally understood Jesus’ love for them and what he did on the cross for them. How great its that?!

Please continue to pray for our team down at The Shack, who are doing a great job in reaching out to all ages of the local community. They were thrilled to be able to bring back there breakfast club today and can re-launch their lunch club, at The Shack, next week.

To get involved in the work over at The Shack in Stockton, contact Paul Connor.

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CAP Praise Report

We are thrilled that somebody else has gone debt free this week!

We are even more excited as it was one of our Three13 clients, who had been referred to our CAP centre as part of the mission that is happening right here at The Oakwood Centre, to transform lives in Teesside!

Thank you Lord for all that you are doing through our faithful volunteers here at TVC Church.

Why not get involved? Spend some time asking God today where he would have you serve what he is unto on your doorstep and then drop us an email and we will help you to get connected in.

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Illuminate – Come and join us!

If you are excited about seeing our children raised with a passion for Jesus, an understanding of the Bible and an awareness of the Holy Spirit, then come and join the Illuminate team!

We are looking for volunteers who can get alongside a group of maybe 6-10 children to help their discussion and discovery and show them that they are valued at TVC Church.

If you would be able to give just a few hours, once a month, please get in touch with Anna Biddlecombe to get started!

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New Music!

You will remember that a few months back, Pete Glasby shared with us one of the songs that God has laid on his heart. Well, you can now download/buy/stream ‘This Road’ on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and all other major streaming platforms.

Pete says:

“This song came from a conversation we had in Community Group a good while back, based around the scripture from Hebrews 12v1-3. It can be so easy to look around you at everybody else’s journey and compare your life to theirs, but you will only find satisfaction in pursuing God for yourself – that is where you will find adventure.”

Why not check it out today and if you use social media, like and share from Peter Glasby Music.

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School of Applied Theology

Booking is now open for School of Applied Theology!

It is more important than ever to be rooted in the word of God and to be able to intelligently apply it to life today. School of Applied Theology may sound posh, but it is actually a really accessible way to study the Bible in amazing depth, giving you confidence in understanding the more difficult passages and in using the Bible in your everyday life.

You may have noticed the little Taking Ground logo in the corner of the pic here – that is because, though we host School of Applied Theology in our amazing building, it is a joint venture between all the Taking Ground Churches across the region. Therefore clicking here will take you to the Taking Ground webpage where you can sign up, rather than the TVC Church webpage.

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Practical Discipleship

It has been so good to meet together, to pursue discipleship, over our past two Practical Discipleship training sessions.

Our next one is now on the horizon, so pop Thursday 8th July in your diary!

Click here to sign up for further info.

Giving to TVC Church

Continuing to be generous with your money means that we can continue to be generous in all sorts of practical ways.

You can give your tithes and offerings by bank transfer, online or by text message.

Click here to give to TVC Church.

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Pastoral Care and Support

If you are unwell, have symptoms of Coronavirus or need contact, support, or prayer, then please let us know. Complete the online form and our pastoral team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.

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