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We believe in the importance of meeting and relating together in small groups, even in seasons where we can’t physically get together. In these groups we can encourage and support one another. They can be an environment in which we can grow and move forward in our faith.

How do you meet then… if you can’t get together?!

Many of us are getting very proficient with video calling tools, like Zoom. These are excellent at keeping groups of people connected. Others are meeting safely outside.

Different groups meet at different times in the week, but most are on a weekday evening.

What do you do when you meet?

Community Groups are safe places where people feel supported and encouraged in their faith journey. They are the ideal environment for those who are new to the Church or don’t know many other people, to feel more connected.

The format really depends on the group and people’s needs within it. Many groups spend time simply catching up with each other, sharing what’s good (and maybe what could be better), others pray together, share how God is speaking to them, study the bible together or reflect and discuss the previous Sunday’s talk.

Who is in each group?

Each Community Group is led by different people in the Church Family and are made up of people at all different points in their faith. Many groups are formed with people who live in the same area of the Tees Valley (that’s why when you request to join a group we ask where you live). We find that this is a great way to foster community, as well as being practical when we return to meeting in homes.

How do I join a group?

Simply fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Our Stories:

Tolani joined her Community Group 6 Months ago. This is what she had to say:

“I enjoy the humorous and warm catch-up conversations between everyone. It feels like everyone has known one another for so long and you can just be yourself. For me it is a time to reflect on God’s word. The discussions help me gain more understanding as we dig deeper into the truths of the word. I find encouragements from others as they share their experiences. I cherish the prayer times aswell.”

Paul joined his community group last months. This is what he has to say:

“I loved joining my Community Group. Everyone has been very welcoming and it’s lovely to meet with like-minded Christians in sharing our Christian journey together. Fellowship is so important and enriching!”