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Spiritual conversation openers

Even if you want to, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to turn a conversation towards spiritual matters. Below are some ideas, categorised by topic, try to remember a few and see where they lead!

General issues

  1. What gives most meaning to your life?
  2. What, or who, are your sources of strength in your day-to-day living?
  3. When you have problems or crises, how do you manage to get through them?
  4. Is religion or God important to you?

Relationship questions

  1. Does God (or a Higher Power) seem personal to you?
  2. Do you feel close to or far away from God?
  3. What do you imagine that God is like?
  4. Can you point to things that God has done for you?
  5. How is God working in your life right now?
  6. Are you comfortable with what you understand to be God’s guidelines for living?
  7. Do you feel there are barriers of some type separating you from God?
  8. Have you ever been mad or upset with God?
  9. Have you ever done something for which you feel God could not forgive you?
  10. Do you understand the way to forgiveness and what it means?
  11. Do you think God has a plan for each person’s life?
  12. What would it take for you to live up to what God expects of you?

Devotional life and practice

  1. What kinds of religious material do you like to read?
  2. What are your favorite authors, writings?
  3. Do you like religious music? Kinds? Favorites?
  4. Have you read much of the Bible?
  5. Do you understand the Bible when you read it?
  6. Does Bible reading help in living? How?
  7. Is prayer a meaningful part of your devotional life?
  8. Do you feel there is spiritual growth going on right now in your life?

The Church

  1. Are you involved in a church?
  2. What do you get out of being involved in a church?
  3. Which teachings of your church resonate the most with you?
  4. Do you personally know anyone who is the pastor of a church?
  5. Are you a member of an accountability or nurturing group in your church?

Religion and illness

  1. Has being ill made any difference in your thinking or feeling about God?
  2. How has being ill affected your devotional life?
  3. When you are ill, do you ever feel that God may be punishing you/wants you ill?
  4. How do you feel about suffering?
  5. Do you trust God with your future?