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Social Media Ambassadors

The Communications Team at TVC Church invites you to participate in extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Ambassador. Help us to connect people with Jesus and His Church, to live with more love and less fear.

Become a Social Media Ambassador

We’re active on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and (very soon) Instagram, so we’re looking to mobilise those passionate about communication through email, in order to engage our Church family cross-platform and add to it! We’ll let you know of new accounts, pages, upcoming events and themes as well as highlight particular ministries we’d like you to promote.

Ambassadorship is a new way to serve the mission of the church – no application required! Simply sign up to receive #tvcchurch emails* and let us know that you’re on board.

What we’re asking Social Media Ambassadors to Do

In addition to reading #tvcchurch emails:

  • Add us on your favorite social media platforms
  • Share your stories, testimonies and what life looks like for you as part of our Church family
  • Check in at events, share the content you’re reading, watching and listening to.
  • Use a certain hashtag when we encourage you to do so – for instance, tell others “#wehavehope”
  • Get creative in sharing the gospel online and look out for content from other Ambassadors doing the same!

Although your participation takes place online, we’d love for you to connect with other evangelists in the church and we’ll let you know of ways to do so.

* #tvcchurch emails will have exclusive content for Social Media Ambassadors, they are over and above other communications you may receive from us through Churchsuite as part of our Church family.