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Prayer – Wednesday 9th December

Wake up Well…

What is it like to wake up to the love, mercy and faithfulness of God each morning?

God’s Word says “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3v22-23).

Is this just a nice concept? Or is it a reality that sets us up for the day?


I feel like God would say to us that He wants to ground this scripture within us. He wants to show us that He alone is our portion and strength. He wants us to believe Him when He tells us “THIS is the day the Lord has made” and that we are to rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118v24). 

Today/every day is a gift from God, sealed with His love, His mercy and His faithfulness. 

 If you are able to make some notes, just converse with the Holy Spirit and ask Him the following;

 1) What does it look like for me to know that, each day, I am loved unconditionally?

2) What does it look like for me to know that in spite of yesterday, I am not only spared the punishment but treated with kindness and compassion?

3) What does it look like for me to know that, as I wake and go through the day, I have the Creator of the universe with me who is, by His Name sake, bound to do me good and is working on my behalf, going before and behind me?

This verse should transform and revolutionise our day! It brings hope, life, expectancy and courage! We can start the day from a position of victory! It doesn’t ignore what we are going through; it’s not a case of denying how we feel or what we face. It’s being aware of His love, mercy and faithfulness to carry us through what we face; it also opens up supernatural options!  

With my first child I prayed a prayer for God to make my labour pain free! Instead, He said to me ‘I won’t take you out of the pain. I will carry you through it and you will be so aware of me during this time’. If I hadn’t gone through the pain of childbirth, I wouldn’t have needed to call out to God. He KNOWS what will deepen our relationship with Him and He has promised that He will not give us more than we can handle! Let your day draw you closer to Him and allow you to experience a side to God that you wouldn’t otherwise experience.    

We are brought from a place of possible anxiety regarding the day, to a place of knowing we are loved; we are accepted unconditionally and we walk with the Faithful God. This not only allows for mere survival but opens up for a supernatural day!

Think BIG, pray BIG, expect BIG. 


Lord I’m sorry for when I try and do the day on my own. I’m sorry when I wake up and I resent what is in front of me. Father God, I choose to see each and every day as a gift from you, no matter what it contains. I choose to be thankful for gift of the present and that I have You by my side. 

Holy Spirit please ground this Scripture in me so that I am increasingly aware of your love, mercy and faithfulness. Open my eyes and lift my head, that my today maybe a supernatural day – lived out of a position of victory!