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Prayer – Wednesday 14th October

Mandy Dixon writes:

The main focus today is to revisit Martin’s sermon from 10 August 20 – (The Friend – Luke 11 v 5-13). The theme is AUDACIOUS PERSISTENCE in prayer.

When I heard Martin’s talk it reminded me of when our badly built garage was in need of serious repair. We decided to just clear the space. I expected we’d “get someone to fix it”. Not so – we were going to knock it down ourselves apparently. I remember feeling pretty mad about this mostly because I had to book a weeks leave to get it done. It did take a week, plus a husband, son, son’s girlfriend (now wife), son’s friends and myself to complete the job. In reality I made the tea but I did take a turn at bashing down bricks.

Things I discovered about a Sledgehammer:

  1. It is heavy to lift – you don’t casually pick one up
  2. You need a bit of strength to get a swing going


JUDE v 20… “…build yourselves up in your most holy

READ this verse a few times and ask yourself what that looks like for you. How strong are you? What do you do to build yourself up?

Prayer Focus – Sledgehammer Prayers

When facing a crisis it’s not hard to remember to pray – crisis pushes in front of us, stands in our face and presses close behind us. Then, when life is going well thankfulness can be joyfully scattered like confetti, it’s not heavy in our hand and we don’t mind where it lands.

What though of the solid, immovable towers in our life landscape. Sometimes we almost blank them out or want to forget they’re there…
Broken health
Job loss
Family problems
Work/Ministry decisions

  • Take time to pray about your “towers” – bring them to God
  • Ask God to bring to mind others who face similar difficulties and offer prayers for them

Prayer focus:

PRAY for Teesside, the North East – LET’S ASK GOD – to pour out his favour on our region and let it become a beacon of salvation and revival. PRAY – out the prophetic words given for our area.

PRAY – for the extra restrictions to be effective in bringing down infections and that the time they are in place is shortened. DECLARE – a new fame for the North!

PRAY – for our Nation – for a spiritual tide-turn towards God. PRAY – for our political leaders, local government leaders and for those in authority making critical decisions, including medical experts. Pray for our Christian leaders to have opportunities to speak out and model kingdom truth.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts might be feeble.
But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it
And not in the one who says it
Our prayers do make a difference” (Max Lucado)

And so…. we level another blow at the tower.