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Prayer – Wednesday 4th November

Welcome to this Wednesday’s Prayer and Fasting.

Today I thought that we would reflect on unspoken worship and prayer.


Perhaps you could begin with your normal pattern of song and the Scriptures; but then I want to encourage you to spend time throughout the day expressing your love for God without words and without music. Don’t hurry.

You may want to offer something to Him…perhaps keys to symbolise your home, a photo representing someone or something precious to you.

If you’re creative, perhaps an expression of your art could be an act of adoration. These were “Kisses for Jesus” which I drew as a simple declaration of my love for Christ on a recent walk. 


Now I would like to turn to prayer. Let’s take a look at this Scripture:

“In the same way, too, the Spirit comes alongside and helps us in our weakness. We don’t know what to pray for as we ought to; but that same Spirit pleads on our behalf, with groanings too deep for words. And the Searcher of Hearts knows what the Spirit is thinking, because the Spirit pleads for God’s people according to God’s will”. Romans ch 8 v26-27 

When I was a very young Christian I read these words and decided that, as it was a type of prayer I hadn’t done before, I had better have a go at doing it. So, I went up to my room, lay face down on the floor and groaned!! As you can imagine, it wasn’t very fruitful! I didn’t really understand its context.

Tom Wright unpacks it beautifully in his book “Paul for Everyone”….

“God hears and answers the prayers which we only know as painful groanings, the tossings and turnings of an unquiet spirit standing before its Maker with the pains and puzzles of the world heavy on its heart”.

I would love you to hear a story about an intercessor called Daniel Nash who worked alongside the American Evangelist Charles Finney in the 1800s. It’s best told through the following YouTube video. Can I suggest that you start 9 minutes in, and play it for about 4 minutes? Listen out for Bolton and the boarding house.


I don’t think that any of us are as deeply intercessory as Daniel Nash; and the clip is not intended to make us feel bad about our efforts in prayer. However, as I listened to this I sensed that there are some of you in whom God wants to birth a significant intercessory role; and that as you listened to that account of Daniel Nash, something leapt in your own spirit. Don’t ignore it. Tell someone.


Sometimes, as the above passage from Romans tells us, there aren’t words to express that prayerful “ache” in the heart or guts.

It may be a difficult situation that you personally are going through.

It may be something that you are carrying for your family or a family member.

It may be that sense of helplessness as we watch the news.

It may also be an ache of faith, a longing for God to move.

However that ache expresses itself in you today, can I encourage you not to try and shape it into words; but to allow the Holy Spirit to take it and mould it into prayer.