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Prayer – Wednesday 28th October

Prince of Peace

When my children need different things and come up against different situations, they tap into different sides of me. If one of my boys has done something wrong they can see my firmer side; if someone has had a go at them at school they will see my protective side. My son, who can struggle with being scared of the dark, hears me singing over him at night and knows that I am right next to him, holding him close. Different situations cause different aspects of my personality to come into play as a parent. 

As we go through this meditation know that the Bible tells us: 

“God is a good and perfect Father.”

We find ourselves in a difficult time currently; there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety around.  

So, I want to ask you some questions.

  • What aspect / attribute of God are you getting to know and pushing into?
  • What is this season teaching us about God?
  • Do we know Him in a deeper way? 

God is a multi-faceted God but there’s one aspect / attribute I want to look into today; 

His Peace, Jesus as The Prince of Peace. 

 John 14 v 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubledand do not be afraid

This peace covers EVERYTHING you will come up against in your life and have to walk through. There are NO exemptions that cannot be covered by this peace.  

You can add in whatever you are facing “…do not let your hearts be troubled by (x, y, z and even a global pandemic) and do not be afraid!” 

The peace that God gives you is OUTSIDE of circumstances, it is not dictated to by how well your life may or may not be going.  If you are feeling shaken at the moment (which I think most of us do) we need to ask ourselves where is our source of peace coming from? A secure pension, a stable job, good health, good friendships? Probably, a number of us are experiencing anxiety due to our “go to” source for worldly “peace” being shaken and exposed for its emptiness. 

Pushing into the Prince of Peace gives us a peace that we can’t manufacture and actually can’t even be understood by human rationale. It is supernatural and heavenly in its origin. 

Phil 4 v 7 

“The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

Do you know this peace? Do you know the Prince of Peace? 


  1. Write down any sources of anxiety you have, anything that causes you to worry. If you have gone to another source other than God for your peace then, acknowledge that and repent.
  2. Write over the top of your anxiety in big bold colourful letters the words from the verse John 14 v 27. If you can commit this verse to memory and speak it over yourself when you feel troubled. Have it up somewhere so you can be constantly reminded of God’s Words to YOU. 
  3. Pray this prayer “Lord I want to know your peace; I want to know you as my Prince of Peace. I am sorry when I have trusted in man-made systems and the things of this world to give me stability. I admit that you Lord are all I need. Thank you that this is a season to get to know you better. Prince of Peace I give myself and my situation to You (name your specific struggles, be specific) I ask you to cover me with the peace that transcends all human understanding.  Lord I don’t want to just know about you, I want to KNOW You. Thank you I don’t need to fear or be troubled, thank you that those who trust in You are unshakeable, like Mount Zion.”
  • Listen to “Peace be still” by Lauren Daigle and let the Holy Spirit minister to you.