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Prayer – Wednesday 23rd September

Our focus today is the glory of God in the ordinary.

I’m going to ask you to light a candle (preferably a scented one) and to keep it alight for as much of the day as you can. If this isn’t going to work from a practical or safety point of view, then could I ask you instead to switch on a lamp.

Let’s begin with the following worship song:

For most of the summer, this question has been going round and round in my mind…

“What does the glory of God look like, sound like, feel like, smell like?”

When I look at the Bible, it seems to come in a few ways…

There’s “knock you to the floor glory” where the awesome, holy, powerful presence of God overwhelms. You may want to check out these Scriptures:

2 Chron ch5 v11-14

2 Chron ch5 v11-14

Ezekiel ch1 v27-28

Daniel ch10 v2-9

Matthew ch17 v1-6

Then there’s “wow-factor glory” where you’re awestruck with the magnificence of God…a bit like when you see a brilliant sunrise (Psalm 19 v1-6). It’s also the expression that classically accompanied the miracles that Jesus performed. Time and again you read that the crowd or healed individuals were amazed or astonished and gave glory to God:

Matt ch9 v8

Mark ch2 v12

Luke ch17 v15 

Luke ch18 v43

But, what does the glory of God look like in our living rooms or when we’re working at our computers or when we’re sharing fish & chips on Saltburn beach with family/friends…that “glory of God in the ordinary”? Perhaps we could call it “the unmistakable presence of God”.

Sometimes we can forget how different we are from those around us as a result of the fact that Christ is in us (Colossians ch1 v27); that we are becoming increasingly like Him (2Corinthians ch3 v18); and that, as we love Him, His unmistakable presence can’t help but burst out of us (1Peter ch 1v8). 

Today, I would like to ask you to pray just two things, time and again:

“Show me what Your glory looks like in my life, Lord”


“Show us Your glory, Lord, in ways that we have never yet encountered”

Prophetically, I’m encouraging you to begin to be more aware of the glory of God that is already present in your life; just as you are noticing the candle/lamp (especially as the day draws in) and the increasing fragrance.

But also, I am sensing that God wants to begin to display more of His glory in our everyday lives. I want to begin to prepare you for the extraordinary.