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Prayer – Wednesday 20th January

This is the “Prayer of Approach” from Lectio 365 – 2021

God of every blessing

In this new season

I invite you to shape my soul

With your words

And inspire my life through your works

Teach me to walk in the way of blessing


In this prayer, I was drawn to the phrase “shape my soul with your words

Invite God to reveal what it is your soul needs most today to refresh and replenish you.

Take comfort from Philippians:1v6

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.


Today is a Call to Intercession  –  for our children, teenagers, students – a generation that will go down in history for just being born at this time. Wouldn’t it be amazing for them to be famous instead for turning to God. 

Romans 5:3-4

“Because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character and character Hope. And hope does not disappoint us.

 Pray beyond the surface of the issues listed here and add your own insights:

  • The disrupted education system – homeschooling. Some schools open for selected children.
  • How this generation handle disappointment, broken routines/plans and the frustration of day-to-day limitations.
  • For good friendships, mentors and role models in the faith to emerge to offer support.  For  children’s and youth workers to have significant influence and wisdom.  Pray for the work of the Message Trust –  already operating in many of these ways. For the work in our Eden Communities.
  • When children were evacuated in WW2 undernourished, poorly clothed urban children were dispatched to rural communities. One aspect of this action revealed social inequalities and real need at that time and it led to changes at governmental level post war.  Look at what has recently been exposed in respect of child poverty, abuse and exploitation in our nation. Pray for significant change. 

Prophetic Focus:

Let’s mobilise as Spiritual Fathers, Mothers, Friends, Grandparents who are committed to praying and stepping into these roles.  Satan wants to steal a generation of future leaders – from our churches and society in general.

In my last year of primary school my teacher asked the class to imagine the scene in the Upper Room and write about it.  I remember imagining myself as a grumpy child, asking who was “this Jesus” and these people coming to our house (aka the disciples!). What happened was that the child, in my imagination, encountered Jesus. It was a real moment where God stepped into this story and revealed himself to me. I recall all the details 50 years on and I described it in my story. I later discovered my teacher was a Christian and he was SO excited when he read it. 

Ask God to reveal himself supernaturally to this generation – through dreams, words, healings and encounters, through the wisdom of teachers, youth workers, mentors.  To calm anxieties and offer sparkling hope in this hard season.

20.1.21 Also happening today…

Let’s pray “…YOUR KINGDOM COME  – Over America..for peace at the transfer of power.

For God’s mercy on all nations of the world and an end to the pandemic.