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Prayer – Wednesday 17th February

Today’s Theme

It’s a very simple question, but one that might fundamentally change the way you live your Christian life in dramatic fashion:

Are you living for God, or are you living with God?

I was brought up to think that what’s important in the Christian life is what we do for God!  This is especially true of those born and raised in the Western world, which is so strongly influenced by the Enlightenment, which in turn owes its values system to the bankruptcy that is the philosophy taught by the likes of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.

This secular, humanist philosophy that controls so much of our modern world is an enslaving lie, issuing from the gates of hell itself.  

Prophetic Focus

You are so much more than your education, your skills, your profession, your possessions, or what you do for a living!

You are so much more than your weaknesses, your failings, your imperfections, your wonky emotions, your addictions, your illnesses, or your might-have-beens!

Stop trying to live for God!  Living with God, your past does not define your future, and need not control your present!

You are loved – 
not because of how deserving you are, 
but because of how deserving Jesus is!

You have worth – 
not because of your family name, or what your boss thinks of you, or what you can contribute to society, 
but because Jesus was found to be worthy, thinks the world of you, and declares you free of all charges!

You are forgiven – 
not because you’ve earned it, or because you’re good, 
but because Jesus, who alone is good, earned it for you!

Rest easy my child – all is grace – it’s all been paid for in advance.  
Come live with me and hear my voice breathing life into you!

Meditation and Prayer Focus – The Prodigal son

Read Luke 15:11-32.

In his late 70s, Brennan Manning, a self-confessed prodigal and one-time “notorious sinner”, wrote this short poem.  He tried to imagine what it might have been like if he had been the prodigal son, now grown old and feeble.  

Meditate upon it and then join in the prayers that follow:

Ask God to:

  • show you how much he loves you as you are and not as you think you should be;
  • teach you how much patience he has, as he waits for you to let him heal you and change you;
  • speak forgiveness over your life and help you to forgive others;
  • pour a sense of worth into your soul and help you to find worth in others;
  • impart freedom to your heart, and show you how to set others free;
  • strengthen you and heal you from all that pains or troubles you, enabling you to bring strength and healing to others;
  • help you to live in his presence – with him rather than for him.

Praise – Living in the overflow.  

God’s grace overflowing, is available to each and every one of us.  Rejoice and sing along!