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Prayer – Wed 17th March


“I have found Christ ten thousand times more kind than I thought”.  Charles Spurgeon.

We’re a week shy of the anniversary of when restrictions were placed on our lives. A year like we would never have expected.  We’ll all have stories to tell.  What is important is how we deliver the punchlines.  Can we craft them into testimonies of God’s blessing and favour, set against the background of all that the pandemic has thrown our way?

RAKU POTTERY refers to an ancient Japanese technique (learnt about from my favourite episode of The Great Pottery Throw Down). Pots are removed from the kiln red-hot and then placed in a bin-like container. Then organic materials (horse hair, feathers) are thrown onto them!  A pattern is burnt onto the surface. The results are amazing – intense colour and unique markings emerge.

Could it be we will emerge with lives beautifully marked? Ok – it did take red-hot heat and some bizarre things thrown at us….!

REFLECT on what God is saying to you through this.

THANK HIM for when he has kept you emotionally afloat, when he has blessed you, when he stepped into the gap to strengthen you.

ASK HIM to show you what will be included in your story as a testimony to Him.  If you are still  processing something challenging, ask God now to help you with it. 

2 Corinthians 7 v1

“Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God”.

Consider what “perfecting holiness” looks like for you.

Eugene Peterson wrote in the preface of Isaiah in the Message Bible:

“Holy, Holy, Holy is not a needlepoint.

It is the banner of a revolution, the revolution”. 

PROPHETIC – call to remember our Communities 

All along the streets near me the garden walls have taken a hit with severe frost damage.  Some bricks are only cracked and chipped.  Some though have had big chunks sheared off. All the pieces litter the pathways.  The walls are still standing, though battered.

I felt God was saying these walls are not going to be knocked down and re-built. Or even plastered over. They are going to stand, for the moment, as a memorial to the harsh season of weather. A constant reminder.

That in our communities (church, families, work), the people we are cemented together with in “the walls” of our our lives, have taken a severe hit from this pandemic. Some more than others. Some of the damage is not as obvious. Let’s remember this, in all situations, being sensitive and led by the Spirit to help in whatever way we  can.

PRAY for those we know who are in need – physically and mentally.

PRAY for new opportunities to tell our stories, listen with empathy and use them to share the gospel.

No reflective music today. Just a song written for a “Messy Church”. Included to raise a smile.