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Online church with children

Online church might mean being able to stay in our pjs but church at home with children is not always going to be straightforward!  Here are some suggestions to make the most of Sunday mornings.

Why not try to gather together as a family at around 10am and enjoy some of the suggested activities from TVC Church.  The weekly activities will be available from Friday in the Sunday section of the website. There are more ideas for family worship, prayer and Bible reading in the Resources section of this website. 

At 10.30am join the TVC Church live stream to worship altogether.  Older children may be happy to listen to the whole service. Younger children will probably need some other activities while you listen. The colouring or worksheets in the weekly activity pack are a good place to start.   If you have enough bandwidth to stream more than one video, there are several children’s Bible programmes that you could use during this time.  You could choose from the list here.  Or of course they could play with some of their favourite toys or watch their own favourite tv shows. 

If it’s too tricky to watch while your children are around, it may work best to watch the video in the evening. You could make most of the family time together in the morning creating your own family worship time.   Connecting with God together as a family can of course happen at any time of the week. Be creative and enjoy this opportunity to be flexible!