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Newsline – Friday 8th January

Welcome to this week’s Newsline. Here’s what’s included:


Pursuing the Prize

We are really excited to bring our new teaching series to you this week.

It is a faith packed journey through the book of Philippians, through which, we will look at the need keep moving forward in faith, to keep pursuing Christ, that nothing compares to him and that in all circumstances he is at work, extending his kingdom and building his Church.

Each week we will not only bring you the Sunday morning teaching, but with it will come a range of resources to help you to listen, reflect and apply what God is saying to us as individuals and as a Church, in this season.

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This Sunday

This week, Matt Biddlecombe will be kicking off our teaching series with Part 1 – God’s work in You.

We look forward to meeting with you on Facebook or YouTube from 11am.

We wanted to let you know that due to changes in restrictions this week, our leaders, speakers and worship leaders will be broadcasting from home over the next few weeks. This decision came about out of a care for everyone who serves us as a Church family. As ever, they and our talented tech team, are working hard to prepare our Sunday service for us and we want to thank everybody who faithfully serves us on camera and behind the scenes. You are all such a blessing to us all!

We have a new Sunday Social code this week – so don’t log on using the old one! Look for the new one in your Newsline email or on screen during the service.

You can also find Children’s resources and the link to this week’s ‘Pursuing the Prize’ resources here.

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Coast to Coast

Do you love to cycle?

Why not set yourself a challenge in 2021 and join with others to compete the ‘Coast to Coast challenge!’

Join us on zoom this Monday at 7.30pm where we will plan together how we can train to achieve this amazing feat next spring.

This is available to everyone – whether currently part of TVC Church or not. So tell your friends! It will be a great chance to get to know each other as we face the challenge together.

The only requirements are that you have reasonable bill of health and have use of a road bike or hybrid bike for the training and the challenge.

Click here to find out a bit more and register for interest.

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The Alpha Course

Our next Alpha course kicks off this Wednesday!

If you haven’t already, pass this link to your friends and family so that they can join up to begin their journey of faith.

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Girls Pudding Party

A cuppa, a catch up and some cake.

Because lots of us girls are missing all that social chatter; we would love to invite you ladies to join us on Friday 15th January (next Friday) at 8pm for a good old catch up.

So if you love to bake, get that apron on and turn the oven up to 160!  Bake your signature or try something experimental.  Bring it along to enjoy and tell us all about it.

If shop bought is more your thing – that is totally fine too…this is about being together, having fun and…well eating cake!

Girls of all ages, please join us!  Sign up to receive your zoom code and see you there!

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Hearing God Together

One of the amazing things about being part of the family of God, is that there is always somebody to support you and stand beside you in prayer.

As we move forward together into the new year, our prophetic team have set time aside each Friday night to seek God with you and for you individually, as couples or as families.

At the moment, the opportunity will be given via zoom, to meet with 2 or 3 of the prophetic team at a specific, bookable time.

This week’s appointments went fast so make sure you book in!

You can find out more and book your zoom call here.

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Just before Christmas, we had 10 lovely people join our Belong group. We enjoyed making new friends and journeying through the vision of TVC Church and its values together.

Our next Belong group is set to begin on Wednesday 20th January.

If you are a Christian who is new to TVC Church, we would love you to sign up to join us for the 3 evenings while we discover together what it means to belong to TVC Church.

Click here for more information and to sign up.

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The Bible Course

Bible Course

Have you become a Christian in the past two years? 

Are you interested in finding out more about the Bible?

If your answer is yes, click here to find out some more information about the Bible Course which begins online on Tuesday 2nd February and to register your interest.

Last time all the places went in the first week, so don’t delay!

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Bible Books in 30 Minutes

We are extremely blessed at TVC Church to have the talented Mike Beaumont as part of our family. Mike would normally be jetting off around the world to teach the Bible in his own clear and understandable way.

Many of you have enjoyed his ‘Bible Blogs in 30 minutes’, which he recorded with United Christian Broadcasters last year, in which he looked at a different Bible character each time.

UCB is now releasing, week by week, Mike’s Bible Books in 30 minutes, where he looks at a whole book of the Bible in just half an hour. They are well worth a listen and will increase your Bible knowledge and understanding in a very short space of time and from your own home!

Try out the introduction session here and the book of Genesis here.

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Keeping Connected

Just a reminder about ways that you can keep connected with TVC Church while we are all at home:

Community Groups remain an integral part of life at TVC Church. This is often where we form our deepest relationships as we walk together through life’s ups and downs. To find out more about Community Groups at TVC Church and register your interest, click here.

Did you know that we have a Facebook Group where you can join in prayer with others from TVC Church? It is created as a closed group to give a little more privacy, but you are very welcome to join so that you can request prayer and join with others before the father – TVC Church and Friends Prayer group.

We also have another group that is set up specifically for helping each other out. Got a sofa hanging about that you have finished with? Pop it on – you never know who will benefit! Need a hand moving a wardrobe? Ask for help from your TVC Church Family! – TVC Church Helping Others Group.

We would love you to get involved in any or all of these groups as we move forward together in 2021.

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Giving to TVC Church

Continuing to be generous with your money means that we can continue to be generous in all sorts of practical ways.

You can give your tithes and offerings by bank transfer, online or by text message.

Click here to give to TVC Church.

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Pastoral Care and Support

If you are unwell, have symptoms of Coronavirus or need contact, support, or prayer, then please let us know. Complete the online form and our pastoral team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.

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