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Children’s Ministry Update

Further information about Children’s Groups restarting.

We hope to restart our children’s groups in mid October. We are looking forward to meeting together again physically. Here is some information about how we are planning to run groups. We have lots of further details to work out and will keep parents and carers up to date.   Current guidelines for out of school activities suggest a maximum of 15 children in a group. This means that we will not be able to provide groups for every child, every week initially.    We expect to offer sessions on a monthly or fortnightly basis. We will be working hard to increase that as soon as we can.  In order to minimise the risk of cross infection, we will keep family groups together where possible. This means that we will not split into our usual age ranges but will run groups as below.

Practical Information

We will aim to run three children’s groups on Sunday mornings.  These will be as follows

FireflysFor children aged from 2 to 4 years old 
Spark x 2Two groups for children of primary school age – these groups will involve learning together as well as some separate activities for different age groups.

The groups will run for the whole length of the morning meeting. Parents/carers will drop children off into their rooms as they arrive and will picked them up as they leave.  Other than those on the rota, parents will not be able to come into the rooms with their children.  More detailed instructions on how to book your child in will be made available soon. We will give people bringing children to church details on where to go and when to arrive etc.

Face coverings and hand sanitiser

Children will use hand sanitiser on entry to the building and before and after using equipment.  Children will not be expected to wear face coverings.  Adult helpers will wear face coverings for drop off and pick up but not during the sessions.  If adult helpers wish to wear face coverings during the sessions, we will provide visors.

Social distancing and going to the toilet

Enforcing social distance between our children will be very difficult and so we are not going to promise to do that.


For our youngest children (Fireflies), things will feel the pretyy much the same. We will use toys that we can wipe down so there will be no soft toys.  We will ask adult helpers to keep a distance from each other but not from the children. The evidence suggests that there is very low risk of covid being passed on from very young children.  We will give helpers and parents the choice about changing nappies and taking children to the toilet. Parents may be asked to return to the group to take their children to the toilet.


For the older groups (Spark), we will be planning activities so that children will be distanced from each other.   However, we will not be enforcing physical distance between children. We will ask adults to maintain distance from each other and to minimise physical contact/closeness with children.  Parents will therefore need to take children to the toilet or to give any first aid (except in emergencies).

What if my child can’t come to the building?/What if there isn’t enough space for my child?

We would love to see as many children as possible back with us in the building. However the restriction on numbers and the need to self-isolate or shield will make it impossible for everyone to join in. The team will provide weekly videos which we will post to our YouTube channel and also to our Facebook page.  We will also provide activities that will follow up the video input for families to do together at home.  Children will use the same videos and activities in the group so no one needs to miss out.  We expect that to start with all children will not be able to attend every week.

Will there be space for visitors?

If you have children visiting your family or children that you would like to invite to church, we would love to be able to accommodate them but may not be able to guarantee this.   We will be able to be clearer about this once we know how many children need places in groups and how many volunteers are happy to help.

How can I find out more?

If you need any further information, please contact me or 07766545378.  If you have suggestions or special requirements for the team to consider, please include those in your response to the survey.

Please complete our survey to help us work out how many groups to plan for. Please complete it as soon as possible and by Monday September 14th. Thank you.