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It was a delight to welcome our Children back to kids work at TVC Church in October. We were able to run two Sunday morning sessions for ages 2-5 and 5-11 and we had lots of fun being together and learning about God’s Light. We also hosted an amazing Illuminate Walk round The Oakwood Centre on Sat 31st October.

Due to the new Government restrictions brought in on Thursday 5th November, we are unable to run Illuminate groups in person for a while, though we continue to provide weekly resources for family worship at home. We use our Illuminate Facebook group to help us to connect with our Church family and we would love you to join in! For the safety of our children, it is a closed group so please request to join.

For an update on the reorganisation of our children’s groups, keep reading!

Children’s Groups at TVC Church

For many years now, our children have met on a Sunday morning under the name ‘Kidspace’ with each age group meeting under a space themed name: Sunbeams, Comets and Superstars. With this being a new season in every way – we thought it was time to hit the re-fresh button with kids work at TVC Church.

Our children’s work banner is now ‘Illuminate’. Our passion is to equip our children to know God’s Illuminating power in their lives and to encourage them to Illuminate the world with God’s love.

We have carefully re-thought and re-structured so that whether you are worshipping at home with your family, or gathering together at the Oakwood Centre, families are supported as they worship God and seek to know him.


Fireflies is the name for the youngest Illuminate members. From your second birthday up until the end of Reception class, you are welcome to join in our Firefly online activities or join us in the Fireflies room at the Oakwood Centre for our Sunday gathering.

At the Oakwood Centre, the Fireflies will now gather in the back section of the sports hall (the bit separated by a wall) in their special space where they can can play, worship and learn together.


Spark is our group for children in year groups 1 to 6. Whether you are joining from home via the internet or by attending a Sunday service, there will be games, activities, and worship all centred around a ‘lightbulb moment’.

Lightbulb moments will be pre-recorded teaching videos, specially designed by our team to teach Biblical truth and scripture. They will be shared via our Illuminate resources page as well as in each meeting space.

Initially we will be able to accommodate 30 Spark children across two groups on Sundays at the Oakwood Centre. One group will meet in the Brooke Suite and one will meet in the Acorn Suite. We will communicate which group your child will be in and where you can drop them off and pick them up from, before the Sunday gathering.

FAQ’s for when we are able to meet at The Oakwood Centre: