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Community Groups

We believe in the importance of meeting and relating together in small groups. Even though we can’t physically get together, it is still really valuable to regularly connect and relate with few people in a smaller group. In these groups we can encourage and support one another. They can be an environment in which we can grow and strengthen our faith.

What is happening with Community Groups?

We want Community Groups to keep going, but recognise that in many cases this will need to look very different. So, we want to establish a network of smaller groups to keep people connected during this time. These new groups will be created within existing Community Groups, so you will be meeting with other people that you are already know well.

How do we meet when we can’t meet?!

Many of us are getting very proficient with video calling tools, like Zoom. These are excellent at keeping groups of people connected

Why are we changing?

There are a two key reasons for changing the way our groups operate:

  • Although video conferencing is great, it is quite hard to run an effective group when there are more than 5-6 participants. Large video calls end up being more like a classroom lesson than a group discussion.
  • Smaller groups take the burden away from the Community Group leader to lead a large group every week. We want to create a model that doesn’t depend upon one or two people being healthy every week.

Who will I meet with?

If your Community Group is large and needs to divide into smaller groups, your Community Group leaders will lead the process of establishing small groups.

What will we do in small groups?

As with our Community Group, these small groups will be a place to connect, pray, encourage and support one another.

We are recommending that groups use a tool called Discovery Bible Study. It is a proven tool used amongst unreached people groups. In these contexts, Christians may often not know more than 2 or 3 Christians, and certainly don’t meet in any kind of church service.

Discovery Bible Studies have the following advantages for us:

  • They are well structured, with regular elements of thanksgiving, Bible study, prayer, discipleship and evangelism
  • There are pre-prepared resources which can be used ‘off-the-shelf’
  • They do not require trained or expert leadership.
  • Sessions last 45-60 minutes